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Welcome to Encon Clean Energy

Encon Clean Energy offers solutions in the field of manure treatment and biogas treatment. We do this from a perspective in which we not only deliver an installation, but work towards maximum integration of the installation into your current business operations.
This requires that the installation can function independently, can be read remotely and requires little maintenance. To achieve this, Encon also makes the operating systems for the installations itself. Often several technologies are combined at one location and heat and material flows are linked.

Encon does this from the idea that not everything should be manufactured under one roof, but rather from linking the best available techniques on the market. Supported by our suppliers, we have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience.
We have carefully selected our suppliers [BioBG, Enertec, Regenis and Thermigas] for their quality, price and operational management and are therefore proud that these demanding companies have chosen us as the exclusive importer in the Netherlands.

The added value of Encon Clean Energy lies in the fact that we are not simply an importer, but we use our more than 30 years of experience in plant construction, our own know-how plus the know-how of our partners to provide our customers with the best customized advice as possible. We always look for technical solutions that fit the customer’s value chain and therefore thoroughly examine the customer’s business operations and situation. So that the installation is used optimally!


Realize new sustainable and commercial concepts with proven techniques

We want to play a role in meeting the increasing need for clean and efficient energy generation. By using our range of equipment (provided by our partners), as it were our toolbox, we are able to realize new sustainable and commercial concepts with proven techniques.


We want to achieve our mission by offering high quality equipment and advanced technology, at realistic prices and perfect service, in concepts that enable healthy exploitation by our customers.

Collaboration is the key to success

SRA Bolsward b.v. exists since 1999. Since 2004 the company is located at its current larger location, which was expanded once again in 2018. SRA specializes in stainless steel tank and equipment construction.

Encon Clean Energy and SRA Bolsward have been partners since 2015. In this partnership, SRA produces all the pipework, process tanks and the digester. Through this partnership, we are able to offer flexible, tailor-made solutions at competitive rates.

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De Hoeve b.v. develops and implements innovations within the Sustainable Pork Chain (KDV). In addition, De Hoeve is also responsible for the certification of all chain partners.

Encon Clean Energy and De Hoeve B.V. are partners since 2016, in which Encon supplies manure processing installations that fit the KDV concept.

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