Encon Biogasbrander met ketel

Biogas burner

Wide range

  • 40 kW to 1.500 kW output
  • >96% efficiency


  • Steam up to 6 bar
  • Hot air 300 °C
  • Water up to 100 °C


  • Burner and flue gas duct made entirely of stainless steel, insensitive to condensation / corrosion.
  • Boilers from 1 m³ up to 100 m³

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The biogas burner made entirely from stainless steel is long lasting.


The biogas burners are insensitive to condensation.


The biogas burner can be fully adapted to your wishes.

To make a healthy business case for a digester, the efficient conversion of organic dry matter into biogas is not the only condition. Valuation of the biogas produced must also be done optimally in order to arrive at a good business case. If there is a local heat demand that is greater than or equal to biogas production, converting to heat is the most efficient route (other options include applying a CHP or upgrading the biogas to green gas).

Special biogas burners are needed to burn this biogas (gas with> 50% methane). There are currently several suppliers on the market that supply biogas burners, but the requirements that these suppliers place on the biogas are quite high. For example, the biogas must have a very low dew point and the H2S concentrations must also be very low. Upgrading the biogas to these specifications costs energy, which reduces the efficiency of the total installation.
To counteract this loss of efficiency (and thereby increase the economic feasibility of biogas projects) we started looking for an efficient biogas burner that imposes less “strict” requirements on the biogas and is therefore more efficient. We have found this biogas burner in the biogas burners from Thermigas.

Thermigas Encon biogas burner
Geothermal biogas flare Encon

The biogas burner from Thermigas has a premix chamber in which the combustion air and the biogas are thoroughly mixed. This creates a homogenized flame that is essential for efficient combustion. The robust gas burner, made entirely from stainless steel, makes it possible to use aggressive biogas types and at the same time ensures a long life span for the installation.

The stainless steel flame bundle is completely submerged, which excludes heat loss. In addition (due to the design) the burner is free from dew point corrosion.
Only stainless steel is used to manufacture these units. These units can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

It is possible to only purchase a biogas burner and install it yourself in a tank / boiler, but you can also purchase complete installations where the burner is mounted in a boiler that is dimensioned to your requirements.

Our biogas burner has the following features:

  • 40 kW – 1.500 kW output
  • >96% efficiency
  • Runs on almost all gasses
  • Steam up to 6 bar
  • Insensitive to corrosion or condensation
  • Burner can often be built into an existing boiler
  • Automatic or manual switching between biogas and natural gas
  • Units can be installed both indoors and outdoors
  • Boilers from 1 m³ up to 100 m³

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The photo gallery below shows several examples of biogas burners and/or boilers.

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