Biogas ontzwaveling - biogas desulfurization

Biogas desulfurization


  • >90% saturation of activated carbon due to multiple chamber principle
  • >20% less activated carbon use compared to conventional filters


  • Suitable for both activated carbon and “iron” pallets
  • Movable with loader


  • Due to multiple chamber principle it is resitant tohigh peak loads
  • Reduces wear and tear of other components

Plug & Play

  • If desired complete with biogas dryer, blower, gas analysis etc.
  • Service contracts are optional

Also available as rental!

How it works? More information

Biogas desulfurization is necessary because sulfur is toxic and causes corrosion


BioBG offers innovative 3-chamber biogas desulphurization


This design reduces activated carbon consumption by more than 20% compared to conventional biogas desulphurization

In most cases, the produced biogas must first be treated before the biogas can be transported or converted into another form of energy carrier. Depending on the quality of the biogas, it must be dried and / or desulfurized. Desulfurization is necessary because H2S is toxic, causes corrosion in the equipment in which the biogas is used and causes SOx emission after burning the biogas.

The innovative patented 3 chamber activated carbon biogas desulphurization from BioBG offers highly efficient biogas desulphurization. The majority of the H2S is adsorbed in the first compartment, where the activated carbon is fully saturated. The biogas then flows, in a laminar flow, to the second compartment where the rest of the H2S is adsorbed. The third compartment is there to accommodate any peaks in the H2S production and when the first compartment is saturated with H2S, the third compartment takes over the role of the second compartment. This design reduces activated carbon consumption by more than 20% compared to a conventional activated carbon biogas desulphurization.


Photo gallery

The photo gallery below shows several examples of biogas desulfurization units (often combined with a biogas dryer)

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