Biogasbehandeling Biogasdroger, ontzwaveling en biogaskoeling

Biogas dryer


  • Skid design
  • Movable with loader

Plug & Play


  • Cooling with heat recuperation from the incoming biogas

Also available as rental!

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Up to 30% more efficient than conventional biogas dryers.


Depending on the quality of the gas, it must be dried and / or desulfurized.

In most situations biogas has to be dried to prevent condensation downstream in the installation. Condensation can harm the installation and reduce the efficiency. The biogas dryers from BioBG, made entirely from stainless steel, dry the biogas extremely efficient and reliable.

The BioBG biogas dryer functions very efficient. By using the countercurrent principle of the heat from the incoming biogas, this biogas dryer works 30% more efficiently than a conventional biogas dryer. In fact, this type of biogas dryer consists of two heat exchangers, one gas / gas heat exchanger and one gas / water heat exchanger. This principle of heat recuperation in the biogas dryer is explained in the image below.

Biogas drying with heat recuperation
Biogas cooler

Photo gallery

The photo gallery below shows several examples of biogas dryers (often combined with biogas desulfurization)

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