Biogas engine Encon Liebherr

Biogas engine


  • 30 kW up to 1.000 kW
  • Both natural gas and biogas
  • Output controlled by biogas production

Widely employable

  • Container and skid design
  • Can supply power to grid and/or as back-up generator


  • Construction, service and maintenance by one party
  • Highly durable

How it works? More information

The biogas engine has a high yield from the biogas


Extremely reliable and long-lasting


The biogas engine is distinguished by its low maintenance requirement

The biogas engine (CHPs) of Enertec Kraftwerke GmbH with all their accessories are not just generator-driven engines with a dynamo but real industrial units that:

  1. get the maximum yield from the fuel
  2. have an extremely reliable and long service life
  3. have very low maintenance costs

The reason for this lies in the fact that the parts have been selected for their quality and not for their low price.

Encon biogasmotor biogasbehandeling Biogas Treatment

The reason that the Enertec biogas engine still are priced competitively is due to:

  • experience
  • low overhead costs (family business)
  • thoughtful structure
  • efficient assembly
  • relatively large numbers

In addition, Enertec is the specialist with experience in the use of different gases. As:

Co-generators with an electrical capacity between 30 kW and 500 kW are built in series at Enertec. Larger outputs than 500 kW can be supplied on request as a unique project.

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Photo gallery

The photo gallery below shows several examples of Enertec biogas engines

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