Encon Clean Energy offers solutions in the field of biogas treatment and biogas valorisation.

Biogas products

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Encon offers efficient, biogas treatment systems to dry and desulfurize biogas.
As well as systems for optimal valorisation of biogas.


Biogas dryer


  • Skid
  • Movable with loader

Plug & Play


  • Cooling with heat recuperation from incomming biogas

Also available as rental!

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Biogas desulfurization


  • >90% saturation of activated carbon due to multiple chamber principle
  • >20% less activated carbon use compared to conventional filters


  • Suitable for both activated carbon and “iron” pallets
  • Movable with loader


  • Due to multiple chamber principle it is resitant tohigh peak loads
  • Reduces wear and tear of other components

Plug & Play

  • If desired complete with biogas dryer, blower, gas analysis etc.
  • Service contracts are optional

Biogas flare

Biogas flare

  • Biogas with 30-100% CH4
  • 10-8.000 m³/h
  • From pressureless to 60 bar

Plug & Play

  • Manual and/or automatic
  • With or without back-up power

Also available as rental!

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Biogas burner

Wide range

  • 40 kW to 1.500 kW output
  • >96% efficiency


  • Burner and flue gas duct made entirely of stainless steel, insensitive to condensation / corrosion.
  • Boilers from 1 m³ up to 100 m³


  • Steam up to 6 bar
  • Hot air 300 °C
  • Water up to 100 °C

Biogas engine (CHP)


  • 30 kW up to 1.000 kW
  • Both natural gas and biogas
  • Output controlled by biogas production

Widely employable

  • Container and skid design
  • Can supply power to grid and/or as back-up generator


  • Construction, service and maintenance by one party
  • Highly durable

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