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A cooler for biogas treatment

Are you looking for a high-quality cooler for biogas treatment? Then we are more than happy to assist you and enhance your business operations. Encon Clean Energy is a renowned name in the biogas and manure treatment business and therefore perfectly suited to help you get the right cooler to upgrade biogas with.

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Our company has over thirty years of experience which is why we can safely state that we know what we are doing in the world of biogas equipment. We excel at linking the best techniques in the market into one effective and very well-integrated biogas treatment system that will help you take your business to the next level. As such, we can easily provide you with the right cooler for your biogas. This important piece of equipment is very helpful in preventing engine and turbine corrosion by cooling and drying the biogas. By using this method, the moisture vapours in the gas are condensed and then removed, so that they cannot cause any damage to the treatment system.

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We can help you acquire the right biogas cooler for you once you contact us. There please inquire about our biogas upgrading solutions. Fill in the contact form as soon as possible or send us an e-mail. We will message you back as soon as we can.