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  • Up to 90% of phosphate in concentrate
  • Only 5 minutes retention time in reactor

Fully automatic

  • Frequency controlled
  • Leakage and overflow detection
  • Remote control via app on phone or PC


  • Both settled and dispersed particles are continuously removed
  • Works with or without flocculant

How it works? See how it works

Continuous process


Self-cleaning, works with and without flocculant


Rotational speed equal to flow, so that fluid does not move

The Encon sedifloat removes small floating particles from the liquid fraction of the manure separator. The sedifloat is a continuous reactor in which the liquid fraction under pressure (≈ 8 bar) is saturated with air. In the sedifloat, this pressure drops and very small bubbles are created. This can be compared to a bottle of sparkling water, if the cap is on, the bubbles are not visible. As soon as the bottle is opened (the pressure drops) the bubbles are released.

These bubbles are “statically” charged, this is also visible in a glass of sparkling water where the bubbles “stick” to a straw. The small floating particles will stick to the bubbles and float to the surface. On the surface, the sedifloat continuously scrape off a thin layer.

The “formation” of the air bubbles changes the density of the liquid fraction in the sedifloat. As a result, part of the solid particles will settle, the sediment will also be continuously removed from the sedifloat. The intermediate layer (between the floating layer and the sediment) has a reduced concentration of solid particles and is released regularly as effluent.

Sedifloat phosphate removal from manure

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