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Encon Clean Energy offers tailor made solutions for manure and biogas treatment.

Biogas and manure equipment

Our company is one of the leading suppliers of industrial grade biogas and manure management equipment. With our help you will be able to optimize your business’ processes regarding these elements and work well within government or legislative mandates concerning safety,responsible waste, and chemical treatment. Use the menu below to explore the full range of our biogas and manure equipment.

Encon manure digester

Very efficient manure digester with a capacity of 5-60 ton per day

Manure treatment

From manure separation, manure drying up to manure pyrolysis.

Biogas treatment

Biogas dryer, biogas filters and biogas flares 10-8.000 m³/h

Biogas burner

Biogas burner with or without boiler ranging from 40 kW to 1.500 kW

Biogas engine

Very efficient conversion of biogas to heath and electricity ranging from 30 kW to 500 kW

Product brochure

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Reliable and industrial grade biogas and manure equipment

At Encon Clean Energy, we are all about providing the best possible integration of our biogas and manure equipment into your existing business operations. We believe that our solutions should not just be reliable in and of themselves, but should be useable, useful, and efficient when fully integrated into your business. To this end, you can rely on us for providing you with a fully functional operating system for any and all biogas and manure equipment you buy from us. After the installation we ensure that little maintenance will be necessary, and that the manure or biogas treatment systems can be read remotely. Our top-of-the-line solutions provide opportunities for biogas desulfurization and manure digestion.

Inquire about our installation and equipment solutions

We are your go-to company for high-end biogas or manure equipment. Explore the full range of installation options – such as our biogas filters and more – using our website. If you are in need of assistance or require further information regarding our company, service, or equipment range, please contact us as soon as possible. We are happy to help!