Automatische Biogasfakkel

Biogas flare

Biogas flare

  • Biogas with 30-100% CH4
  • 10-8.000 m³/h
  • From pressureless to 60 bar

Plug & Play

  • Manual and/or automatic
  • With or without back-up power

Also available as rental!

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Biogas flares available in all sizes, from manual to fully automatic.


Through a call-off contract, a mobile emergency flare can be on site within 48 hours.


Our flares meet the safety requirements as stated in NPR7910-1+C1.

The escape of methane gas from a biogas plant must be prevented. If the gas buffer capacity is not sufficient to collect the biogas produced during planned maintenance work, in the event of a malfunction or in the event of a disaster, a flare installation is the solution to prevent unwanted emissions.

Within 48 hours after the situation where methane is released, the biogas must be burned by a biogas flare. If no fixed biogas flare is available, it must be possible to demonstrate on the basis of a call-off contract that there is an emergency flare on site within 48 hours. When a biogas flare is switched on, the positioning of the biogas flare must meet the safety requirements as stated in NPR7910-1 + C1.

Biogasfakkel biogasbehandeling

We can supply different types in different capacities:

  1. independent of mains voltage with a battery equipped biogas flare. Manually operated.
  2. flare independent of mains voltage equipped with generator. Operated manually or automatically (possibly with biogas blower).
  3. biogas flare dependent on mains voltage. This works manually or automatically with or without a biogas blower.

Our biogas flare has the following features:

  • Biogas flares can be supplied in capacities from 10 to 8,000 m³ / h and in sizes from DN 50 to DN 400
  • With or without gas regulation units
  • Hand-operated biogas flares available from € 6,000
  • With or without pilot flame
  • The entire biogas flare is made from stainless steel.
  • Can be read remotely, control via external PLC possible

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