Solid fraction pig manure seperator

Manure separator

High yield

  • Dry matter up to 39%
  • Up to 70% of phosphate in solid fraction

Manure separator

  • Suitable for both pig and cow manure
  • Suitable for manure, digestate and sludge

Low operational cost

  • Little wear and tear
  • Energy consumption (<1 kWh/m³)

Fully automatic

  • Frequency controlled
  • Leakage and overpressure sensors
  • Remote control via app on phone or PC
  • Plug & Play

How it works? More information

The separator brings up to 70% of phosphate in solid fraction


Screens from 750µ, 500µ to 250µ. Two step filtration possible to 50µ.


Due to the closed system there is hardly any odor nuisance.

The “Regenis GE” manure separator / digestate dewatering divides the manure or digestate into solid (thick fraction) and filtrate (liquid fraction). The separation of the solid from the digestate is low-cost and energy-efficient due to the pulling motion and specially adjusted worm separator. The manure separator is supplied with input and output system, control and protection as a complete installation (plug&play). The separator can be adjusted to the input by changing the sieve basket, the pressure, the installation angle, the length and the speed. The power consumption is around 0.75 kWh per hour. After dewatering, the digestate transport screw transports the solid fraction into the digestate bunker or into the manure dryer / digestate dryer.

mestscheider cutout

The manure separator has the following features:

  • Screen available in 750 µ, 500 µ or 250 µ (post-filtration up to 50 µ)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Maximum capacity 10 m³ per hour
  • Limited wear because the drive is on the outlet side
  • Sealed output opening
  • Torque and pressing capacity pneumatically adjustable
  • The filter plate opening and the screen can be adjusted to the input
  • Rotation speed continuously adjustable
  • Pumps and drive frequency controlled
  • Can be built on manure dryer

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